To allow you to request a visa, you need to produce a “residence certificate” to show during your visa application. That’s why you need to book a room in France beforehand. University Jean Monnet offers a variety of housing options, at both public and private student residences. You can of course decide to rent a flat by your own to a private landlord, before or upon arrival. Note that in this case you’ll have to deal with the administrative process alone and we won’t be able to support you in concluding a contract nor dealing with potential issues arising from this contract.

Residence booking have to be done for at least a semester. Be careful because you cannot change residence after a week upon arrival (you would loose your deposit and 1 month advance notification is needed).

IMPORTANT: although we will do our best to help you communicate and book a room, the contract relationship with those private service providers and hence the final responsibility lies with the student. You need to contact the residence and make sure your room is actually book, irrespective of the certificate of residence you may receive from the International Office.

If you wish to have a look to option before committing yourself, it can be a good idea to go first lodge in an hotel / residence for the first few days of your stay.

Please find here a map indicating the location of the student residences in Saint-Etienne.

Options are (rent mentioned applied for the 2023/2024 academic year and is indicative only, they might be slightly revised in July 2023):