MLDM (Machine Learning and Data Mining) is an international master program of University Jean Monnet (UJM) . It leads to the award of the French national master degre in Computer Science as well as the University Diploma in Machine Learning and Data Mining of the University Jean Monnet.

MLDM provides an original scientific position in Europe on problems related to machine learning, big data, pattern recognition, classification, modelling, knowledge extraction and data mining. These issues have a strong employability potential for students trained in the fields of data science, prediction, data analysis or decision support, as well as in the area of the Web, image and video processing, health informatics, fraud and anomaly detection, etc.

Courses are taught in English and are structured according to the European Credit Transfer System with 120 credits over four semesters of full-time studies.

Applicants with at least a BSc degree level (180 ECTS) or equivalent, in computer science, statistics, mathematics or equivalent are invited to apply. International students’ applications are very welcome (see Mobility Grants) and the selection committee will assess the equivalence for admission to the Master MLDM.

Thanks to many Erasmus agreements signed with foreign institutions (in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc.), MLDM students will have the opportunity (and even will be strongly encouraged) to spend the third semester abroad in Universities that offer closely related master programs in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Among them:

  • Katholieke Universteit Leuven (Belgium) - Master in Computer Science (AI track).
  • Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands) - Master in Computer Science.
  • University of Freiburg (Germany) - Master in Computer Science (Cognitive Technical Systems & Information Systems tracks).
  • University of Torino (Italy) - Master in Stochastics and Data Science
  • Technische Universitat Wien (Austria) - Master in Visual Computing

Video introducing the MLDM master programme